January 19, 2024

YMM 174 … Believe, Think, Act: How To Create a Positive Marriage Mindset!!!

By: Jim Jacobus

🚀 Join us in this eye-opening episode of "Your Marriage Matters." Together, let's delve into the fascinating interplay between our core beliefs, thoughts, and actions within the intricate tapestry of marriage.

🔄 The Core Belief Cascade: In this episode we unpack the profound impact of core beliefs on the trajectory of a marriage. We will unravel how negative core beliefs, such as viewing marriage as a trap, can set off a chain reaction leading to negative thoughts and actions. Conversely, discover the transformative power of positive core beliefs, where marriage becomes an opportunity for shared growth, paving the way for positivity in every aspect.

🌱 Cultivating Positivity: Explore practical strategies and insights on fostering positive core beliefs about marriage. Whether you're navigating the nuances of a long-standing relationship or just embarking on the journey of marriage, this episode provides actionable takeaways to strengthen the foundation of your connection.

🎭 Perspectives from Jim and Christie: Experience the synergy gained from 37 years of marriage, experiencing the ups and downs and learning how to make your life together full of 99.9% ups!

🎉 Embrace the Joyful Journey: Tune in for learning and a lot of laughs as we share anecdotes and experiences that resonate with couples at every stage. Subscribe to "Your Marriage Matters" for a dose of inspiration and practical wisdom that will transform the way you view and navigate the beautiful adventure of marriage.

Never Forget … Your Marriage Matters to us!

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