January 15, 2024

YMM 173 … Going Beyond Beliefs: Crafting the Right Mindset for An Awesome Marriage!

By: Jim Jacobus

In this episode of Your Marriage Matters podcast, Jim and Christie Jacobus delve into the critical importance of cultivating the right thoughts about marriage, oneself, and one's partner. This episode serves is a follow-up to our previous discussion on how core beliefs significantly impact our thoughts. Jim, drawing on his expertise as a professional speaker/trainer/consultant, and Christie, as an online counselor, explore the profound influence thoughts have on actions and the overall dynamics of a relationship. They share practical strategies for aligning core beliefs with a positive mindset to enhance marital well-being. The conversation extends to scriptural insights, referencing passages like Luke 6:41-42 and Philippians 4:5. The hosts unravel the biblical perspective on thoughts, emphasizing their role in the context of a healthy and thriving marriage. As they navigate through these profound insights, listeners can expect practical tips from Jim's experiences and Christie's counseling expertise. The episode aims to equip listeners with a deeper understanding of the power thoughts hold in shaping the dynamics of marriage. Whether reflecting on biblical wisdom or gleaning insights from the hosts' professional backgrounds, the episode offers valuable takeaways for building and sustaining a joyful and fulfilling marital relationship. As always, Jim and Christie encourage their audience to subscribe, rate, and leave a review, and invite them to connect further on their Joyhauling with Team Jacobus podcast and YouTube channels. Tune in for more episodes packed with wisdom and practical advice for cultivating strong and thriving marriages. Links From This Episode: To connect with Christie for counseling services go to: To Sign Up for The Cupid Challenge 2024 Click Here! Connect with us on:

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