About Team Jacobus


Jim & Christie Jacobus, also known as “Team Jacobus”, have been married for 33+ years and are passionate when it comes to YOUR marriage! Their tag line states that they are committed to “Building More Vibrant, Healthy Marriages So You Can Experience Everything You Dreamed Of, And More< When You Said I Do”!

Through their many resources they focus on sharing the strategies, tactics, skills and mindset that are critical for every couple that want the most from their lives together. You will find what they share rich with solid over arching principles as well as deep with practical how to’s for day to day life!

One thing that couples regularly say they love about these two is their down to earth “been there, done that and still working on it” attitude that connects their journey with yours in a very real way!

They live their lives full time in a Grand Design Momentum 399TH RV traveling and working together, with their handsome Labrador Retriever Marley, while seeing this amazing country we live in. They have one son Jason, daughter in law Caitlyn and 3 grandchildren Loklan, Beckham and Decker!

Jim Jacobus

Jim is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant to America’s top sales organizations and has been in his own business now for almost 30 years! When asked when he plans to retire his response is always “retire … from what to what” because he doesn’t consider what he does work. As a matter of fact, he firmly believes that the line between work and play should be so thin that no one can tell which one he is doing!

Couples find it interesting that Jim was married and divorced twice before he met Christie and brought a ton of baggage to their relationship. He will tell you that hard work, commitment and a willingness to always learn and grow have led he and Christie to where they are today!

Jim’s background has been an important motivator in his teaching Divorce Care for the past 15 years … 13 weeks at a time, 3 times a year … and he loves it!

Christie Jacobus MSN, RN-BC, MPD, M.Ed, LPC-S

Christie’s rich background almost doesn’t lend itself to being shared in just a couple of short paragraphs. Let’s start with 35+ years as a nurse in many different capacities, all 35 years with the same hospital system. Then parallel that with 15+ years as a Licensed Professional Counselor (and a LPC Supervisor working with LPC Interns) with a primary focus on working with married and pre-married couples and you have one very experienced advocate for more vibrant, healthy marriages!

You will find Christie is always an encourager about the possibilities your marriage holds while pairing that optimism with a real world, down to earth commitment to teaching, learning and applying proven skill sets.

An educator at heart, Christie is most at home teaching during Team Jacobus’ webinars, workshops and online resources! With grandparents married for 75+ years and parents married for 60+ years there is zero quit in this lady that only knows one way to do marriage and that’s all in!


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