January 5, 2024

YMM 172 … The Marriage Blueprint: How Core Beliefs Shape Our Life Together (Both Good And Bad!)

By: Jim Jacobus

Welcome to another episode of "Your Marriage Matters" with Jim and Christie Jacobus, where we dive deep into the foundations of a healthy marriage.

In today's episode, we're exploring the significance of core beliefs in fostering a strong and lasting marital bond. Core beliefs are the fundamental convictions and principles that shape our perspectives and guide our actions. In the context of marriage, they form the bedrock of the relationship, influencing how partners interact and navigate through the journey together.

#1: You Can't Change, Cure, or Control Someone Else

One key core belief we emphasize is the understanding that individuals have their own autonomy. Accepting that you cannot change, cure, or control your partner is liberating. It encourages open communication and acceptance, fostering an environment where both partners can grow individually.

#2: Pursue the Best Version of Yourself and Your Partnership

In our case, as Team Jacobus, we believe in the importance of pursuing personal growth and excellence within the relationship. This core belief underscores the idea that by striving to be the best version of ourselves, we contribute positively to the partnership, creating a dynamic where both partners continuously evolve and thrive together.

 #3: Unconditional Love as Part of God's Plan for Marriage

Our third core belief centers around the divine aspect of marriage. We explore the idea that part of God's plan for marriage involves learning to love each other unconditionally, mirroring the unconditional love that He showers upon us. This core belief deepens the connection between partners and reinforces the spiritual foundation of the marital relationship.

In today's episode, we've looked into the essence of just 3 core beliefs in a marriage. By embracing these principles - recognizing individual autonomy, pursuing personal growth, and practicing unconditional love – you can strengthen your marriage and build a resilient foundation for a fulfilling and lasting life together!

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