January 26, 2024

YMM 175 … Beyond Beliefs: Crafting a Love-Filled Marriage with Positive Habits!

By: Jim Jacobus

Welcome to another episode of the Your Marriage Matters podcast with Jim & Christie Jacobus! In episode 175, we dive into the essence of building critical habits in your marriage. 🌟 Building upon our recent discussions on how core beliefs shape thoughts, actions, and ultimately habits, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to create positive habits from the foundation of their core beliefs. 🤔 Understanding the Power of Habits: Discover the profound impact habits have on your marriage. We revisit the influence of core beliefs and how they serve as the driving force behind our daily actions.   💑 Linking Core Beliefs to Positive Habits: Uncover the intricate connection between core beliefs and the formation of positive habits. Jim and Christie share practical examples that demonstrate the transformative power of aligning your beliefs with positive actions. 🚀 Practical Tips for Creating Positive Habits: Jim brings his expertise in sales to the table, offering actionable insights on applying sales principles to habit formation. Meanwhile, Christie provides valuable perspectives on cultivating habits that contribute to a thriving and healthy marriage.   🌈 Case Studies or Examples: Get inspired by real-life stories and examples of individuals who have successfully turned core beliefs into positive habits. Learn from challenges faced and overcome in the journey towards building a stronger marriage.

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