December 22, 2023

YMM 170 … Ask Yourself These 4 Questions To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever! Part 1

By: Jim Jacobus

People often ask us how we manage to stay in sync as a couple and maintain that synchronization over time. The key to our success lies in one word: communication. We firmly believe in the power of open, transparent and frequent communication, which allows us to be on the same page. One of the effective processes we've implemented is what we call "The 4 Questions." We initiated this practice over two decades ago, and it has become a yearly ritual for us. As we approach the end of each year, we engage in this process to prepare for the upcoming one. The impact of this process has been so profound that we've shared it with friends, family, our church community, and Jim delivers it to a number of his corporate clients annually. This year, we're excited to share our "4 Questions" process with you over the next two weeks. We encourage you to answer these questions both individually and collectively, considering both your personal and professional roles In life. You can find a downloadable worksheet to guide you through the process at Connect with us on:

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  Looking forward to connecting with you next week!   Jim & Christie Jacobus

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