July 6, 2023

YMM 167 … The Wedding Chronicles: Joy, Surprises, and Lessons Learned From 2 Recently Married Couples!

By: Jim Jacobus

In this exciting and fun episode, join our hosts as they sit down with two extraordinary couples, Mindy and Chris Harris, and Hannah and Austin Pierce. Get ready to delve into the depths of married life and uncover the invaluable experiences and wisdom these newlyweds have to share about their wedding day and everything that went into it!. Discover the emotions as Jim & Christie ask the question, "How does it feel being married?" Listen in awe as Mindy and Chris, along with Hannah and Austin, paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of love and commitment, expressing their heartfelt sentiments and sharing the joys they have already found in marriage. Journey with us as we delve into their wedding days, relishing in the details of these enchanting events. Explore the laughter and tears that accompanied them, and brace yourself for the surprises that left them breathless. Uncover the lessons they learned and the changes they would make if given the chance. But it doesn't stop there! Be prepared to take notes as our guests provide invaluable advice for couples embarking on their own marital journeys. From the process to the preparation, and even the intricacies of the actual day itself, Mindy, Chris, Hannah, and Austin impart their hard-earned wisdom, ensuring that every couple has a head start towards a flourishing and meaningful union. And as the episode draws to a close, we look toward the future and explore what lies ahead for these amazing couples. Find out the exciting new adventures, dreams, and aspirations that await Mindy, Chris, Hannah, and Austin. Their stories will leave you inspired and eager to embrace the infinite possibilities that marriage holds. Tune in to "Your Marriage Matters" with Jim & Christie Jacobus, where love and commitment take center stage, and gain invaluable insights from these remarkable couples. Get ready to ignite the fire in your own relationship and witness firsthand how marriages truly matter. Don't miss a moment of this extraordinary podcast episode! Click Here to listen to the podcast!!!

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