June 29, 2023

YMM 166 … The Power Couple Blueprint Part II: 3 Core Skills for an Extraordinary Marriage!

By: Jim Jacobus

Last week we discussed Jim's favorite topic for a great marriage - mindsets! This week we look at Christie's fav topic - skill sets! One is worthless without the other so we trust you will enjoy! In this podcast you will discover the secrets to a thriving relationship on the latest episode of Your Marriage Matters podcast! Join relationship experts Jim & Christie Jacobus as they unveil the three essential skills that will revolutionize your love life. In this episode, you will learn:

  • Effective Communication: Discover the key techniques to enhance communication with your partner, allowing for better understanding, active listening, and meaningful dialogue.
  • Conflict Resolution: Gain valuable insights on how to navigate conflicts in your relationship with grace and ease. Learn practical strategies to address disagreements constructively and find mutually satisfying resolutions.
  • The Power of Compassion: Explore the transformative power of compassion in your relationship. Discover how practicing empathy and understanding can foster deep connection, empathy, and intimacy.
With their years of expertise and practical advice, Jim & Christie will guide you towards a deeper connection and lasting happiness in your relationship. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your relationship into something truly extraordinary. Tune in now and make your marriage matter! Jim & Christie Jacobus

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