March 22, 2024

YMM 183 … Avoid These 5 Relationship Pitfalls or Risk Losing Your Marriage!!!

By: Jim Jacobus

Join Jim & Christie Jacobus as they dive deep into the crucial topic of the 5 things that can slowly erode the foundation of your marriage. In this eye-opening episode, they discuss:

  • Communication Issues: Uncover the secrets to effective communication that can transform your relationship.
  • Lack of Appreciation: Discover the power of showing gratitude and appreciation to reignite the spark in your marriage.
  • Ignoring Conflict Resolution: Learn practical strategies to resolve conflicts constructively and strengthen your bond.
  • Neglecting Quality Time: Explore the importance of carving out quality time for each other amidst life's busyness.
  • Neglecting Personal Growth: Find out how personal growth contributes to a thriving marriage and a fulfilling life together.
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