March 15, 2024

YMM 182 … Unlocking the Secrets of a Thriving Marriage Through Worship!

By: Jim Jacobus

Join Jim & Christie Jacobus on a transformative journey in this episode of Your Marriage Matters. Discover the profound truth that a great marriage is deeply rooted in worship, illuminating three essential facets of worship:

  1. Worship God as Creator: By acknowledging God as the creator of all things, including your marriage, you unlock the door to understanding the divine design behind your relationship.
  2. Worship God as Sovereign: Embrace the sovereignty of God in your marriage, recognizing His authority and wisdom in orchestrating every aspect of your journey together.
  3. Worship God as Savior: Lean into the redemptive power of God as your savior, finding hope and renewal in His grace and forgiveness within your marriage.
Through heartfelt worship, Jim & Christie reveal how:
  • Recognizing the sin, weakness, or failure of your spouse is a divine opportunity, not a coincidence.
  • God unveils the needs of your spouse to you, empowering you to become an instrument of His redemption and rescue.
  • Unity, understanding, and love flourish in marriages rooted in the worship of God.
  • Each glance at your spouse becomes a reflection of God's handiwork, reinforcing the sacredness of your bond.
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