March 23, 2023

YMM 153 … Mastering the Power of Great Communication In YOUR Relationship!

By: Jim Jacobus

Is there any more critical in a relationship than being able to effectively communicate openly and transparently with each other? NOPE!!! There is not! That is one of the reasons we are constantly doing podcasts about communications, teaching workshops that always include communications and, work very hard about improving our own communications. It is that critical! In this podcast we:

  • Share with you two very important skill sets in the form of our Speaker Checklist and our Listener Checklist. You can Click Here to download our PDF that covers these two skills!
  • We will also share with you 10 No No's when it comes to effectively communicating with each other (and the rest of the world for that matter!)
  • Have 7 Powerful Communication Tools we all need to be intentional about mastering and using day in and day out!
  • Will teach you one of the most powerful techniques we teach in our workshops we call "The Two Chairs".
At the end of the podcast we give you 6 conversations you can use to practice the checklists, avoiding the No No's, the 7 tools and the chairs! Here are the  6 Great Conversations we created just for you:
  1. One thing I would like for us to find common ground on is  
  2. It really hurts my feelings when you  
  3. One thing you could do that would really make me feel loved is .
  4. I would like to see us reduce our spending on  
  5. When it comes to our families could we
  6. The one thing I think would make us a better team is
Also, in the podcast we referred to one of our favorite tools, The Relational Needs Survey and learning more about making our partner feel loved. Here are the links to the two podcasts about the Relational Needs Assessment! Take the time to do this and watch how your relationship grows!!!
  • Click Here to access the podcast on How To Make Your Partner Feel Loved!
  • Click Here to access the podcast on Getting the Most From Your Relational Needs Survey!
  • Click Here to download the Relational Needs Survey!
As always, if you have any questions or if we can help in any way please feel free to reach out to us by responding to this podcast post or go on over to our YOUR Marriage Matters Facebook Group! Be sure and join us next week as we tackle the 2nd most important skill set we all need to develop - solving problems and resolving conflict!

Click Here To Listen To The Podcast! 

Never ever forget how much YOUR Marriage Matters! Jim & Christie Jacobus      

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