May 6, 2022

YMM 144 … Someone Is Getting Called Out! It Could Be You!!!

By: Jim Jacobus

We are calling YOU out! But, we are calling ourselves out first!!! We are frustrated, mostly Jim is frustrated, by what we perceive as a lack of interest people have in investing in their marriages! That is until they get into a crisis situation. That has made itself real to us many, many times through the years. That is why we began this podcast in the first place ... to keep couples out of Christie's counseling room and Jim's Divorce Care class!

Someone Is Getting Called Out! It Could Be You!!!

  It seems to us like people, you maybe, don't care!!! While the podcast gets solid numbers in the way of downloads it has very little engagement in the way of comments or feedback on any of our distribution channels like YouTube, Facebook, ITunes and the rest. So, we are doing 2 things ...
  • Calling ourselves out to be more engaged ourselves and do a better job of providing resources and promoting the podcast.
  • Calling you, our listeners, viewers, friends and family out to become more intentional in providing us your feedback and engagement in this process!
In the podcast we also speak to what we feel like are the most important elements to building the marriage you dreamed of when you said "I Do"! So, there you have it! You have been called out and we have called ourselves out as well! Join us in helping to build a more vibrant, healthy marriage for yourselves and for others.

Here Are Some Actions You Can Take To Be A Part of the Tribe!!!

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Thanks! We love and appreciate each of you. Let us know how we can help you ...

Jim & Christie Jacobus


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