April 27, 2022

YMM 143 … We Made A BIG Decision! Another Life Lesson “From the Road”!!!

By: Jim Jacobus

To live the "life of your dreams" you are going to have to make some big decisions! You may also have to change direction sometimes ... even when the direction you are going is exciting and compelling!!! The question is how do you go about making these types of decisions and/or change direction? For a while now we have been using, and teaching, a process we came up with called I D E A! It goes like this ...

  • Inspiration - you have a compelling idea.
  • Discussion - you talk about it together and examine the pluses and the minuses with an open mind.
  • Education - you learn as much as you can about the decision you want to make.
  • Action - when the time comes (don't go too fast, or wait too long) you have to take action to make it happen!

We Made A BIG Decision! Another Life Lesson "From the Road"!!!

In this episode we walk you through our decision to become Park Hosts at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston, Texas! It was a bucket list item for the two of us yet there were a lot of things to consider. That said, we made the decision and we are so excited about our stay here! Need to make a decision? Try I D E A out and let us know how it goes for you!!!

Jim & Christie Jacobus

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