January 5, 2022

YMM #129 … We’re Back! Here’s What Lies Ahead in 2022!

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... What is up? We are so very excited to be back podcasting after a little over a year of. So many things have happened during 2021 we wanted to catch you up on everything. Plus, we really wanted to give you a preview of what lies ahead in 2022 ... it is so exciting! Our focus is going to be taking our relationship to an entirely new level. In this podcast we give you a little insight into just what that is going to take!

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Here is just some of what lies ahead!
  • We will launch our first book “52 Conversations” on Valentine’s Day
  • We will be interviewing extraordinary couples at least once a month to learn how the went to the “next level”
  • We will be doing regularly scheduled marriage training webinars
  • We will launch our first online marriage course in the spring
  • We hope you will join us and invite others to join us as well!
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  Thanks for joining us! See ya next week ...           Jim & Christie Jacobus

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