January 22, 2020

YMM #089 … 4 Great Questions To Kickstart YOUR 2020! (Part 2)

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matterz episode YMM #089 ... 4 Great Questions To Kickstart YOUR 2020! (Part 2) And, we are sharing a big, huge, major announcement with everyone in this episode you don't want to miss! Last week we shared with you the first two questions to ask yourselves to kick off 2020. This week we share with you the final two:

  1. What do you want to do that is new?
  2. What do you want to do that is big?
These two questions are Important because they make us think about the future with great intentionality and provide us with enthusiasm about the days ahead. There are few things worse in a marriage than getting in a rut! So grab a pen and paper and get ready to discuss these two questions to kickstart your 2020!!!

The Big, Huge, Gigantic Announcement!

So, we have been hinting for a while that we had some big things coming up for 2020 and indeed we do! Here are the details in bullet point fashion. We will be expanding on and sharing more about all of this in future episodes!
  • Christie has announced her retirement from Memorial Hermann Hospital System after being there for 35+ years!
  • We bought a new Grand Design Momentum 399TH ToyHauler which we have named "The JoyHauler"!
  • We will sell our sticks and bricks (home) in the spring and everything in it!
  • We are going to live full time in "The JoyHauler", travel the country, see our grand kids more, be available to help Christie's folks and we will be able to dedicate a ton more time to "YOUR Marriage Matterz"
We are beyond excited about what the future holds and can't wait to get started! Check out "The JoyHauler"!   We also invite you to join us for "The Cupid Challenge 2020" starting February 1st where we will take on a daily challenge designed to help us build those healthy vibrant marriages. You can sign up for The Cupid Challenge 2020 by Clicking Here! We are looking forward to an awesome year here at Your Marriage Matterz!

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