January 8, 2020

YMM #087 … How To Build A More Healthy Vibrant Marriage In 2020!

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... Happy New Year and welcome to episode YMM #087! In this episode we break down the key components of our tag line "build a more healthy vibrant" marriage in 2020. Key words are:

  • Build - a constant work in progress
  • Healthy - marked by not just the absence of sickness but displaying healthy habits
  • Vibrant - energetic and enthusiastic
We also invite you to join us for "The Cupid Challenge 2020" starting February 1st where we will take on a daily challenge designed to help us build those healthy vibrant marriages. You can sign up for The Cupid Challenge 2020 by Clicking Here! We are looking forward to an awesome year here at Your Marriage Matterz!

Grab a pen and a piece of paper ... you are going to want to take some notes!!!

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Jim & Christie Jacobus

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