October 16, 2019

YMM #084 – 3 Things We Can Learn From A “Divorce Coach”!

By: Jim Jacobus

Welcome Gang ... Glad you are joining us for YOUR Marriage Matterz episode YMM #084 - 3 Things We Can Learn From A "Divorce Coach"!

Just this past week Christie and Jim had the opportunity to appear on Christy Stratton's show "The Divorce Coach Hour"! What an awesome learning experience it was talking about how people can go through, if they must, a divorce and come out the other side whole and with hope for a great future! So, we decided to do this week's episode on 3 Things We Can Learn From A "Divorce Coach" and how to make sure you don't ever need one! The ideas are simple, not necessarily easy, and are:
  • Don't quit!
  • Be vigilante!
  • Be proactive!
Check out this week's episode for the details ... Click Here if you would like to contact Christy Stratton - "The Divorce Coach"!  

Grab a pen and a piece of paper ... you are going to want to take some notes!!!

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  Jim & Christie Jacobus

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