September 25, 2019

YMM #082 … Why YOUR Spouse Doesn’t Have A Clue … And What To Do About It!

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matterz podcast episode YMM #082 ... Why YOUR Spouse Doesn't Have A Clue ... And What To Do About It!

The truth is we all have times, things and stuff in our lives where we just don't have a clue! Certainly your spouse does ... and you do too! In this episode we are going to cover the 3 reasons why we all don't have a clue sometimes. They are:
  1. Don't know what to do!
  2. Can't do what is required!
  3. And the toughest ... Won't do what needs to be done!
And, of course, we share with you what to do about each category! Want to know why your spouse doesn't have a clue? No problem! Grab a pen and paper and take notes. We promise it will be worth it. School's in session ...  

Grab a pen and a piece of paper ... you are going to want to take some notes!!!

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  Jim & Christie Jacobus

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