June 18, 2019

Joint Or Separate Bank Accounts, Which Is Best?

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... This week we start a new series 5 Tough Questions About Money! And, Question #1 is ... Joint Or Separate Bank Accounts, Which Is Best?

And, the answer is? It depends! I know, that stinks for those of you that wanted us to solve the problem or the debate you and your spouse have ongoing on this subject. What we think you are going to value even more are the 4 Tips we give you to help you find the right answer that will work best in your, or any, situation!

Let us know what you think and please let us know what are your "what if" questions around this subject and how we can help you come to an effective solution in your marriage! Next week ... we will be tackling which is better? Spender vs Saver in a marriage! Jim & Christie Jacobus

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