February 22, 2023

YMM #149 … 5 (at least) Good Reasons To Get Married!!!

By: Jim Jacobus

Why get married? That is a question we have been asking our seriously dating and engaged couples for years. Their answers are as varied as there are colors in a sunset! Some of those reasons are clearly well thought through while some give reason for pause. The good reasons do not guarantee success nor do the not so good reasons mean certain failure. That said, it pays to have a serious conversation or two or three or (you get where we are coming from) about the most important decision either of you will make in your adult lives. So, in this episode we walk you through what we feel like are great reasons for getting married. It isn't an exhaustive list but it is a pretty good place to start. We have also provided you with some tools for this conversation in the form of a brainstorming process we like to use often when we are wanting to go deeper in a conversation. You can use this process for a lot of different decisions you will need to make together. And, we have provided you with two of our PDF tools as resources for this conversation. You can ...

  • Click Here to download our Reasons To Get Married exercise
  • Click Here to download our speaker/Listener Checklist exercise. You can find the podcast for that tool at YMM
  • Click Here to listen to this podcast episode!
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