March 2, 2022

YMM 137 I Am NOT the Enemy … The Power of Solving Problems As A Team!

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang! Problems, struggles and conflict are signs of a healthy relationship! Two imperfect people working to build a life together are bound to have struggles by the mere fact that:

  • They are male and female
  • Grew up in different households
  • Have different personality styles
  • Have different views on sex, money, household roles and responsibilities, parenting and a dozen other subjects
All of this and more means there will be conflict! What matters is how we handle it!!! This entire month we will be following the theme of "I Am NOT the Enemy" (thanks Ben and Megan Coleman) and looking closely at effective strategies and mindsets for turning the inevitable differences we are going to have into a strength in our relationships! Knowing we have each other's back and that we will process struggles in a positive and healthy way builds confidence in ourselves and in each other! It isn't easy but it is well worth it!  

Jim & Christie Jacobus


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