February 2, 2022

YMM 133 GAME CHANGER ALERT!!! Knowing What Makes Your Spouse Feel Loved !

By: Jim Jacobus

Hey gang ... Welcome to the Your Marriage Matters podcast and welcome to the month of February! There is so much cool stuff going on this month. "the love month", we want to share with you! We are going to be talking all month long about what makes you feel loved, what makes your spouse feel loved and what a GAME CHANGER it is when we are committed to mastering the things that make our partner feel loved! We have Valentine's Day coming up which will be our 35th anniversary! We will be interviewing Matt and Julie Barnhill which is something you do not want to miss and ...

Our First Book Comes Out On Valentine's Day!!!

So yes, this is going to be a very busy month with a lot of really cool stuff going on! In this week's episode we are sharing the chapter from the book "Let's Talk About Sex Baby" and focusing on the conversation "What Makes YOU Feel Loved" in the chapter! What we can learn from this conversation and the Relational Needs Survey is this:
  • We have 3 main Relational Needs that, when met, make us feel loved!
  • Our 3 main Relational Needs are not likely the same as our spouse!
  • Yet, we try to make them feel loved by giving them what makes us feel loved!
Do you see where there might be a disconnect there? So this month we are going to spend all of our time gaining clarity around knowing what exactly makes us feel loved and all of the awesome experiences that come from that understanding. Here is what we encourage you to do to get the most from this study!
  • Download the Relational Needs Survey by Clicking Here!
  • Watch the video instructions for getting the most from the survey by Clicking Here!
  • Download the "Let's Talk About Sex Baby" sample chapter from the book!
  • Go to Conversation #2 in the "Let's Talk About Sex Baby" and process through the conversation!
  • While you are at it ... feel free to tackle the other conversations as well!
Again, it is going to be an awesome month of February! Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to follow us or subscribe to our podcast wherever it is you currently consume them! Have a great week!

Jim & Christie Jacobus

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