January 19, 2022

YMM 131 … The Power of A “Shared Vision”!

By: Jim Jacobus

YMM 131 ... The Power of A "Shared Vision"!

Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matters episode #131! In this podcast we are going to look at how we can level up our relationship by getting behind a compelling "vision" for our marriage that goes beyond just surviving! A "shared vision" can turn a bad marriage into a good one and a good one into a GREAT one! And, the benefits of finding a central driving force in your relationship go way beyond even thriving together! In this episode we will discuss:
  • How our lives look normally ... including ours
  • What a "shared vision" looks like
  • What a next level shared vision looks like
  • And, we are going to share a downloadable tool you can use to start the process of leveling up your relationship!
We do want to get you started creating a shared dream together so we put together a "Bucket List Exercise" downloadable pdf to prompt your discussion with each other! You can download this exercise by Clicking Here!  Thank you for joining us for this episode. Click Here to watch the YouTube video!   Catch you next week ...           Jim & Christie Jacobus

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