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Welcome to the YOUR Marriage Matters newsletter sign up page! As we work to add more and more resources to our tool box that can assist us all in building vibrant healthy marriages we wanted to find another way to consistently stay in touch and bring you value.

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So, we are going to start our YMM Newsletter beginning April 2019! Some of the things you can look for are:

  • Articles ... some from Christie and Jim and some from some of the best marriage and family experts we know.
  • Videos ... from serious to funny there are such great video resources available we want to take advantage of them!
  • Links to ... our podcasts, Facebook Live Show (yep - every Wednesday night at 7:30 on our YOUR Marriage Matterz FB page), and similar resources from others!
  • And a wide variety of other resources as well!

What you won’t get from us is:

  • Spam … we hate it and won’t send it!
  • E=mail after e-mail hounding you to buy something or join something!
  • Any use of your e-mail address that might violate your privacy!

So, click on one of the Sign Up buttons and join us! It is going to be a lot of fun …