YMM #101 – Covid-19 … Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!

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YMM #101 – Covid-19 … Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!

Never let a good crisis go to waste

It has been said, throughout the ages, “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!” In this episode we share with you 3 strategies, along with some very specific “to-do’s”, to help us all make the most out of this crisis!

Taking action is huge when we feel like our lives are out of control so enjoy this B “action taking packed episode” and get busy not letting this good crisis go to waste! 

As a part of your homework this week we invite you to join us for a rerun of “The Cupid Challenge 2020”! This is 14 days of action you and your spouse, significant or you individually can take to not let this crisis go to waste! You can sign up for The Cupid Challenge 2020 rerun by

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Grab a pen and a piece of paper … you are going to want to take some notes and take action!!!


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