The Cupid Challenge Day 8

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The Cupid Challenge 2020

The Cupid Challenge 2020

Welcome to Day 8 of “The Cupid Challenge 2020”!

Gang we have an awesome Cupid Challenge 2020 for you today with some fantastic resources attached! Our word for the day is INTIMACY! While we are not talking about physical intimacy becoming a master at this type of intimacy, knowing your spouse and exactly what makes them feel loved at an entirely different level, can lead to amazing physical intimacy as well!

So, we are going to provide you with a Relational Needs Questionnaire from the awesome folks at Intimate Life Ministries in Austin, Texas. All you need to do is download the survey and print out copies for you and your loved one and then take the survey. It is simple, easy and very self explanatory. Click Here To Download The Survey!

Then, if you want to get the very most out of it you can listen to this podcast and it will help you debrief the results and get the most out of it! You can Click Here To Listen To The Podcast! 

We trust you will enjoy today’s challenge and the awesome intimacy you will gain from taking it on!

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