The Cupid Challenge Day 11

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The Cupid Challenge 2020

The Cupid Challenge 2020

Welcome to Day 11 of “The Cupid Challenge 2020”!

Let’s talk about SEX baby! Let’s talk about you and me! And yes, today our word of the day is indeed SEX!

What a wonderful gift sex and physical intimacy is in marriage. That said, as wonderful as it is we can still get the entire mechanism out of whack. That’s why today we are focusing on how important it is to be intentional about building an extraordinary “sex life”!

We want to point you to 2 different books that we have read, and re-read, through the years to keep things HOT< HOT< HOT! They are:

  1. Red Hot Monogamy by Pam and Bill Pharrell – CLICK HERE to check it out!
  2. Sheet Music by Dr Kevin Lehman – CLICK HERE to check it out!

Don’t let SEX get boring … make it a point to become a master, a connoisseur, an expert at pleasing your mate and don’t ever stop!

See you tomorrow on “The Cupid Challenge 2020 – Day 11”!

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