The Cupid Challenge Day 10

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The Cupid Challenge 2020

The Cupid Challenge 2020

Welcome to Day 10 of “The Cupid Challenge 2020”!

Gang we have an awesome Cupid Challenge 2020 for you today as our word of the day is FORGIVENESS! Yesterday our word was LOVE and we talked about having, or developing, an unconditional love for each other much like God has for us. Well, if we are going to have unconditional love we have to learn to be able to both ask for and give each other forgiveness!

In the video we referenced our podcast, The Anatomy of An Apology. If you want to learn more about what a real apology looks like (don’t we all?) then you can Click Here to listen!

While our challenge today might not be easy … it is important so “JUST DO IT”!

See you tomorrow on “The Cupid Challenge 2020 – Day 11”!

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