YMM #076 – 3 Conversations Every Couple Needs To Have … TODAY!

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Hey gang …

Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matterz podcast episode YMM #076 – 3 Conversations Every Couple Needs To Have … TODAY! You hear Christie and I talk about how important communication is so we are dishing out 3 critical conversations for you and yours to discuss this week!

1. What’s working in our relationship?

2. What’s not working? Where are we stuck? And, what is one thing we can do this week to improve or move forward?

3. What is one SMART goal we can create together and start working on TODAY?

We trust these will just be the beginning of a great week of conversation! Let us know how it goes!

Grab a pen and a piece of paper … you are going to want to take some notes!!!

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Jim & Christie Jacobus