YMM Episode 58 … The Purpose of Prayer In Marriage!

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40 Days Of Prayer

40 Days Of Prayer

YMM #058 … The Purpose of Prayer
From Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Prayer Series

Well hey there gang we are kicking off an 8 week series from Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Prayer study! We are really excited about this series and what it can do for our marriages, our homes and for our communities! We are also excited about all of the resources that are a part of this series and we will be sharing those resources with you below!

In this series we will be studying …

  • Week 1 – The Purpose of Prayer
  • Week 2 – How To Pray With Confidence
  • Week 3 – The Pattern For Prayer Part 1
  • Week 4 – The Pattern For Prayer Part 2
  • Week 5 – Praying For A Breakthrough
  • Week 6 – How To Pray In A Crisis
  • Week 7 – Why Doesn’t God Always Answer The First Time I Pray
  • Week 8 – The Prayer Challenge

YMM Episode #058

Week 1 – YMM #058 The Purpose of Prayer

Rick Warren kicks off the series with 4 reasons why, as a Christian, we pray. They are …

  • Dedication – we pray because we are appreciative of and thankful for the things God has done and/or provided for us in our lives!
  • Communication – we pray so that we can talk to and with the living God that we are blessed to have a relationship with!
  • Supplication – a fancy word that means “to ask humbly and with reverence”. God wants us to ask for what we want and need!
  • Cooperation – we pray because we want to be in harmony with and in cooperation with what God wants for us in our lives!

After you watch the video (link below) take a few minutes to discuss or go over these 3 Discovery Questions … 

  1. What role has prayer played in shaping your relationship with God?
  2. Based on today’s lesson about the purpose of prayer, what can you do to deepen your conversation with God?
  3. What are you hoping to get out of this study in the next 40 days?

Putting It Into Practice …

Here is a great question to ponder at the end of the video and Discovery Questions – “What are you lacking for in your life simply because you’ve never asked God for it?”

40 days resources

We Have Some Great Resources For You!

  • To watch the Week 1 40 Days of Prayer Video (The Purpose of Prayer) – Click Here!
  • To order the $0 Days of Prayer Study Guide – Click Here! 
  • To download the free PowerPoint study guide for Week 1 – Click Here! 

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Week 1 – 40 Days Of Prayer (The Purpose of Prayer)